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Meet The Team


Camille Zamora

Social Media Manager

A graduate from the University of the Philippines, I have so far lived a colorful life, always ending up in the unlikeliest of places. I am an introverted lifelong learner who, thank the heavens, have an eye for design and the energy to get things done. I absolutely love the feeling of working with a whole team of women, having been doing just that for the past year. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't always involve any drama. I can be very hardworking but at the same time, lots of sleep and good skin matter to me a lot. I am young at heart, still trying to grow up. Watch me end up in more unlikely places.

Lillie Mamuyac.jpeg

Lillie Mamuyac

Project Manager

With a penchant in creating art through film photography, I entered the digital marketing industry with a goal of sharing my creative vision and helping businesses transition their initial marketing efforts into effective strategies. As an introvert, I like working quietly but at the same time I also exert a certain degree of authority. I manage the team with a mix of firm rationale and amiable conversations.

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Jeralyn Amate

Since joining the digital marketing industry six years ago, She has gained extensive knowledge and experience in planning, assessing, and carrying out strategies to successful completion. As a young female leader, she enjoys being able to empower others with her knowledge while still continuing her own education. She’s also got a passion for travel, and no matter how far or where she goes, she always manages to have a grin on her face!

Digital Marketing

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Sofia Ignacio

Social Media Coordinator

My role is to bridge the gap between the clients and their customers; I’m the one that posts on our social media accounts, responds to comments and messages, and gets our clients to the first page of Google. Outside of Creative Haus, I am a full time furmom who eats a lot of noodles and pasta. 

Mickey Martinez

Social Media Assistant

Born and raised an artist, I am passionate about all things design and creatives, and am particularly interested in exploring my passion through Marketing and Advertising.


On top of graphic design, I am also experienced in strategic planning, copywriting, and social media management.

Kayla Natividad

Social Media Assistant

I've always been a people person ever since. I enjoy talking with others, collaborating with them, and learning from their varied thoughts and perspectives. My ability to communicate was then enhanced as I worked in different areas of marketing and communications. My main interest right now is strategic planning, but I’m definitely interested in learning more about the different branches of marketing

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Thuy Le

Content Creator

As an artist, I enjoy working with a very amazing, creative team with awesome people. I appreciate the job I have working with clients in the Marketing and Advertising area. Creative Haus definitely gave me a lot of great experiences that I’ll always remember.

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