Meet The Team


Kylee Rust

Digital Brand Manager

Recently graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. I have always had a passion for design and art, and this position is allowing me to explore the world of social media marketing! I am excited to see where this position takes me and I enjoy being apart of this inspiring team. In my free time, you can find me traveling, spending time outdoors, and being a coffee enthusiast.

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Valerie Vasquez

Influencer Marketing

Recent college graduate from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelors degree in marketing. I have a deep passion for music and love to attend music festivals. The dream one day is to manage brand partnerships for these festivals. When I’m not thinking about music, I love spending time with friends and family.

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Jeralyn Amate

Since joining the digital marketing industry six years ago, She has gained extensive knowledge and experience in planning, assessing, and carrying out strategies to successful completion. As a young female leader, she enjoys being able to empower others with her knowledge while still continuing her own education. She’s also got a passion for travel, and no matter how far or where she goes, she always manages to have a grin on her face!

Digital Marketing

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Social Media Manager

Patricia Gloria

Marketing Lead

Content Strategist

A graduate from the University of the Philippines, I have so far lived a colorful life, always ending up in the unlikeliest of places. I am an introverted lifelong learner who, thank the heavens, have an eye for design and the energy to get things done. I absolutely love the feeling of working with a whole team of women, having been doing just that for the past year. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't always involve any drama. I can be very hardworking but at the same time, lots of sleep and good skin matter to me a lot. I am young at heart, still trying to grow up. Watch me end up in more unlikely places.

I am a Visual Design student currently based in Manila. My specialization is more on digital perspectives. I want to showcase my skills not just in creating artworks but also in combining creative marketing outputs and be able to produce innovative strategies. When I was young my passion for art is something undefinable, what I want my art to show you is a piece of myself and a piece of yourself. It is something we can all relate to because in every artwork there is a meaning behind it.

I am 21 years old and currently a Marketing Major student at The University of The City of Manila.  I spend most of my time with myself and my family. I have a passion for social media itself and how it works because of the wide reach it has. If you wanna find me in my free time I am probably surrounded by palm trees and ocean waves